The entrepreneurial story of Veroniek Vermeulen and the Silatha she founded | KellyOnTech

Veroniek Vermeulen and Silatha KellyOnTech Entrepreneurial Stories

Veroniek’s Entrepreneurial Story

KellyOnTech Entrepreneurial Stories — Veroniek Vermeulen
Image source: Silatha

Silatha Introduction

KellyOnTech Entrepreneurial Stories — Silatha
Source: Silatha

Silatha Demo

KellyOnTech Entrepreneurial Stories — Silatha APP
Silatha APP Demo
  • For the new mom that feels overwhelmed
  • For the business woman who feels insecure by male supremacy
  • For the pregnant women that feels tired and unsure if she can be the best mom in the world
  • Or for the woman that is disoriented by the changes brought by menopause




Investor / Founder at Mans International

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Investor / Founder at Mans International

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