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As we reach the end of 2021, I’d like to share with you the entrepreneurial stories and projects of my old and new friends in the technology circle. Today I’d like to introduce Veroniek Vermeulen from the Netherlands. I met her through the introduction of a founder of one of the tech startups in my circle.

Veroniek Vermeulen and Silatha KellyOnTech Entrepreneurial Stories

Veroniek’s Entrepreneurial Story

Veroniek meets the requirements of generation Z people for their boss. She is very capable in business and at the same time she is warm, amiable and sincere in private. Before starting her business, she was the head of the global innovation platform for the $2 billion business of one of the world’s largest FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies. Despite her successful career, Veroniek didn’t want to live a life where she was pushed forward by her work. With an inner emptiness that could not be filled with material things or money, she felt that the time had come to change. She needed to find a way to make herself feel fulfilled.

KellyOnTech Entrepreneurial Stories — Veroniek Vermeulen
Image source: Silatha

So she did what many people have always dreamed, which is to go on meditation retreats around the world. Starting in 2012, Veroniek took time out of her busy career to travel to the Himalayas, where she began to change her consciousness of life from always chasing fame and fortune to consciously guiding herself to focus on inner peace and living in the present moment, cultivating her inner strength for long-term happiness and true satisfaction. From monasteries in Nepal, Japan, Vietnam, and Myanmar, Veroniek slowly deepened the love from within and sparked the idea of translating the ancient wisdom of meditation into a modern way of life. She put aside her high-paying job and founded Silatha by raising her own funds.

Silatha Introduction

Silatha is the only meditation app that focuses on women’s emotional health management. It is an app specially designed for women by women. Through its unique Anchor Meditation method, Silatha provides support for the great changes women will experience in their lives. These changes include: pregnancy, becoming a new mother, facing inequalities at work, menopause, and so on. The app offers professional meditation sessions focused on women’s topics and allows you to track your daily progress. It also hosts live broadcasts of various subjects to provide additional support to women.

KellyOnTech Entrepreneurial Stories — Silatha
Source: Silatha

Silatha believes that true happiness comes from within. Instead of seeking outside and relying on others, it is better to return to our heart and find our inner strength and balance. The app has more than 500 meditation sessions to help women solve various problems experienced in life and improve their inner strength. Women can meditate anytime, anywhere. And through its women’s support community, women from all over the world can help each other timely and effectively.

Silatha Demo

I will give you a brief demonstration. You can download the APP from the Android and Apple app stores. When you enter the app, you can choose either self-growth or specific support category.

KellyOnTech Entrepreneurial Stories — Silatha APP
Silatha APP Demo

If you choose the self growth category, you can pick the area of meditation you want to do, such as inner peace. There are 29-day meditation sessions where you can spend a few minutes each day to meditate and record your mood and state.

If you would like to choose a healing for a specific issue, you can click on ‘Specific Support’, which contains key issues that women encounter in their lives and work, from pregnancy to menopause, from motherhood to female leadership. How to heal pains, for example, includes 21 meditation sessions by Zephyr Wildman, one of the UK’s leading yogis. The Embracing Grief meditation series was inspired by her personal story of loss and grief. When Zephyr lost her late husband to cancer, meditation provided a blueprint for her to begin rebuilding her life. She began to see that there were tools she could develop around the grief she was experiencing that would help her move forward with more tenderness, compassion and understanding.

Silatha also invites industry experts to broadcast live on a variety of topics. If you click Tribe, you can watch the live sessions and participate in discussions with fellow women from around the world.

The last thing I want to say is that facing this uncertain world, I am very happy to be with a group of entrepreneurs who have worked hard for their own dreams and forged ahead, and grow every day. I included Veroniek’s self-introduction video. Let’s take a look at it together.

Here is the video script of Veroniek’s self-introduction video:

“I was 34 year old, and I was in the office of the Fortune 100 company, where I was heading the innovations of 2B$ business, I was wearing my power dress as today I would present the innovation of the year, an idea that would make a difference in the lives of millions of people and would bring even more millions of $ to this company.

Ready to shine, I opened the door of the boardroom. But then, I walked into a wall of white men in dark suits, busy among themselves, except for one who was holding up his cup of coffee for a refill. Well I didn’t come there to serve coffee, I came to present the innovation of the year! But not finding a single face, similar to mine, I felt like a stranger who did not belong here. I felt I should swap my power dress for a barista outfit, and the whole situation made me feel insecure, unsatisfied and lost.

And this is a problem! Not only for me, but for all women. 80% of women feel that they are not good enough, 88% feels pressure to be perfect. Resulting in our wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters feeling overwhelmed, insecure, anxious and mentally drained.

History was written and dictated by men, but the world changed. Women now have ALL possibilities, but we didn’t remove the old expectations.

At Silatha we believe being a women should be a source of confidence and not an anxiety

And from my own experience I know that meditation can be an important support to build that confidence. But when I was looking for a meditation app to support me, I couldn’t find one that supported me in my needs as a woman. Nor are they very good in building a lasting habit. Loosing 95% of their users in the first month.

That is why we developed Silatha. A meditation platform for:

  • For the new mom that feels overwhelmed
  • For the business woman who feels insecure by male supremacy
  • For the pregnant women that feels tired and unsure if she can be the best mom in the world
  • Or for the woman that is disoriented by the changes brought by menopause

With calming breathing exercises combined with short coaching to support her in here mental needs and build her confidence, liberating her on her journey to a more enjoyable life, one meditation at a time.”

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